Susan YarrowSusan Yarrow was born and brought up in England, where she completed a three-year course at the North London School of the Alexander Technique, obtaining her certificate in 1988. After teaching in France for several months, she moved to Rome, Italy, and set up her own private practice.

In 1998 she gained a Certificate in Office Ergonomics from the University of Berkeley, California. While continuing to teach the Alexander Technique, she now also works as ergonomic adviser to several U.N. agencies based in Rome, with the task of assessing workstations, showing staff how to carry out everyday operations with less strain and greater productivity, and recommending any necessary changes to furniture and equipment.

Training in the Alexander Technique generally takes the form of individual lessons, but introductory sessions can be arranged for groups on request. If you have any questions that remain unanswered after you have explored this site, or if you wish to book a lesson, please contact Susan Yarrow.