Private lessons

Susan Yarrow gives private lessons in her studio in Rome, located near the Pyramid. Lessons are on a one-to-one basis and last 30-40 minutes. Initially, it is advisable for lessons to be close together (2 or 3 per week); later, once the basics have been assimilated, one lesson a week is sufficient. Comfortable clothing, preferably trousers, should be worn.

Pupils are instructed how to sit correctly, how to stand with poise and balance, how to walk, bend and carry out simple everyday activities without putting undue strain on their bodies. In this way it is possible to recover much of the energy that is normally wasted by inefficient - and sometimes harmful - movements.

The length of time necessary to complete a course in the Alexander Technique depends to some extent on the pupil and whether or not any particular problems are present. Generally speaking, about 20 lessons are required, over a period of three months or so, in order for a pupil to acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to apply the technique autonomously in his or her everyday life. Subsequently, it is useful to have a refresher lesson now and then.

To make an appointment for a sample lesson, or to enquire about prices, please send an e-mail to